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Web Portals Advantage

As a firm we embrace technology, and we see web portals as the clear future of the accounting profession.

Web portals offer many advantages over the old ways of doing business with a CPA firms. We feel very strongly that our use of our client web portals give us a competive advantage over firms using paper and postal service. Client have 24/7 access to many things they would previously have to pay for such training, mailing data files and documents, copies of tax returns and much more in links.

Lemas Accountancy provides free education and resources to our clients in our Web Portals links (Aka: Client Training Center) section that keep a mountain of resources available to you at the click of a mouse. Clients are also able to request videos and training in our suggestion box on our web site. See Links video

Secure file transfer is included with every portal and we are notified within minutes of your upload. Emailing is so simple but It only takes one quick click to make an error and send to unintended recipient. Our secure file transfer connects you to us with a two way file transport system that is private. See File Transfer in Action video

Access 24/7 to copies of all financial documents prepared or provided,such as tax returns,financial statements, or source documents W-2 etc... Imagine you need a copy of your tax returns for a loan or a copy of a W-2 and in a few clicks you able to Print, Save or Email a copy anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. See Saving, Printing and Emailing a copy of Tax Returns.

Private Storage space is also provided on web portal for private usage for storing personal documents such as Will, Trusts, Life Insurance, Asset Records and much more. See Private Storage Video

Pay and review invoices without calling in your credit card or mailing a check which can delay the E-file process. See paying your invoice video

Our QuickBooks Hosting offered on our web portal offers piece of mind. Users of this service enjoy the anywhere anytime access, peace-of-mind of nightly back-ups, and banking-class security so that they can stay focused on their business and their customers. As accountant's we love it because we are able to service clients better with no intrusion to an office computer.

The service pays for itself by Eliminating:

Data Transfer and restore time, version determination time, password tracking or requests time, data base error correction time, and prior year correction time or changes made to a file on a previously filed tax return.

Most client's pay $200-$300 per year for data transfer related issues.

Client benefits directly by:

Never needing to import accountants changes

Never needing to Close the year after tax returns are complete

Never needing to worry about backing up the data file with 90 days of grandfathered backups.

Having a data file that actually ties to the tax return prepared by a CPA.

Having a CPA that can answer questions and make corrections to file quickly and efficiently.

Allowing anytime\anywhere access to file from home and work or anywhere with an internet connection.

Being able to delegate monthly tasks that the owner wishes to outsource: Paying and Filing bills, Reconciling Bank and Checking Accounts, Correcting Accounting and many more.

We bill this service at our cost of $150 per quarter.

See QuickBooks Hosting in Action Video