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To a small business owner guiding their business through these uncertain times, the availability of timely information is crucial to effective leadership. Whether expanding, downsizing, or restructuring the organization, business information flow is the pulse of your business.

Lemas Accountancy is a dynamic accounting firm that allows small business owners to harness that information flow. Lemas Accountancy delivers a superb level of service, placing timely accounting information at your fingertips, enabling you to control costs, utilize resources more efficiently, and plan effectively.

Lemas Accountancy offers solutions that solves three very important problems facing small business today:

  • Lemas Accountancy guides you toward accurate and timely accounting information so that as a team we can measure your business performance.
  • Lemas Accountancy automates your business accounting , so that you can do more business and less accounting.
  • Lemas Accountancy connects your office to a CPA firm with a click of your mouse. Accounting questions are a thing of the past, your accountant has full time connectivity to your accounting.

With Lemas Accountancy on your side, you will be in better control of your business. As a result, you can be more responsive to rapidly-changing business conditions. Because you spend less time with your accounting, you will gain time, and quite possibly, the ability to grow without fear.

Why Change Accountant's?

Small business owners are always looking for a way to separate themselves from the competition. Lemas Accountancy's forward thinking and guarantee to get your business every legally allowable deductions and/or credits is way for you to separate yourself from those that pay too much tax. Additionally, every client is encouraged to take advantage of our comprehensive tax planning skills, whether your an individual or a large corporation. People with tax plans pay less taxes.

  1. Fixed Fee Pricing:
  2. QuickBooks Expertise: Second to few (If any)
  3. Tax Planning:
  4. Business Partner

Why Choose Lemas Accountancy?

Individuals and Companies around the country are choosing the Lemas Accountancy Corporation for their accounting needs for one reason...We're partners, and their success is our success.

Introduce yourself to the benefit of having a business partner: Lemas Accountancy Corporation.