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QuickBooks Setup, Training and Support

QuickBooks Setup

We offer setup of your Basic QuickBooks setup files for free, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, C-Corporation and S-Corporation.

When a hundred different people complete same task with little or no experience completing such a task, how many come up with the same answer? It's simple, ZERO!

Why do we do this? Well our answer is simple: Consistency and your our clients.

Over the years we have accumulated a library of general data files and they are in our Client Training Center for client use when they are ready to start or change form of business.

QuickBooks Training

  • Personal Training session customized to your use of the software (Not more than 2 hours)
  • Remote Training or Assistance without leaving your desk
  • Free Video Training in our Client Training Center
  • Picture by Picture Tutorials- PDF QuickBooks
  • Bookkeeper QuickBooks Video Training Series
  • Annual Workshops with hands Training

Personal Training is the fastest way to learn and immediately apply what you've learned to your live data. We believe that working with your own bills and deposits makes you immediately more accountable for your action and increases retention over a class room setting and sample data. A personal training starts either by a simple interview and\or a quick assessment of your QuickBooks file. Once interview and\or assessment are complete we custom tailor a training session for you based on needs within your QuickBooks file. Training sessions are rarely over 2 hours. In all the years we've done these trainings sessions we've found session retention is at high between 60-80% within first 2 hours. After that time it sinks to as low as 40%. There is no extra charge for extra attendee's.

Remote Training or Assistance is effective use of time. Nobody leaves their desk, and client incurs no trip charge expenses.

Imagine you're sitting at your desk and you have an employee that just received a notice to withhold for an employee garnishment for back child support. You could wing it on your own and pay the consequences of an incorrect setup to a payroll item (3 amended returns per quarter) or you could schedule a 15 minute remote session.

Click to see a remote session in Action.

Free Video Training is located on our web portal in our Client Training Center. Here clients can learn at their own pace or reinforce personal or remote training sessions. This library will grow every year and we have a suggestion box for new videos to be added in future recording sessions.

Picture by Picture Tutorials is the old school way of training for our clients and these are offered for free in our Client Training Center. If you want to learn how to reconcile accounts, merge names, set up employee, and many more-Over 200 pages of tutorials.

See example of Picture by Picture Tutorials.

Bookkeeper QuickBooks Video Training: This will be a annual subscription based training series that walks a new or seasoned bookkeeper through a series of tutorials that are organized by topic and a entirely searchable data base. The anticipated charge for this service for clients is $99 a year for unlimited viewing. Each client on this service can request video per year at no charge. The annual fee for non-clients is anticipated to be $299 per year. The service will be launched when video content is in excess of 200 videos in Likely in 2013.

See a Bookkeeper Videos in action

Annual Workshops are a group hands on training session that breaks the rules a little in regards to 2 hours trainings. These session are typically two 2 hour training sessions with a one hour break. The workshop goes over basic function of QuickBooks, Tips and Tricks, Tax Savings tips, and advanced usage techniques such as downloading, and finding and reviewing data to fix errors and omissions.

See Photos of Workshop